Core Functions

Core Functions help deliver

System Enabled Performance.

Deviations are dealt with a

suitable response from the

team of professionals who

work at resolving issues in a

timely manner as the emerge



These are the functions and activities that are

important to generate an order from the client. This

means offering interesting prototypes, prices and

feasible sourcing space and facilities.


Good Pre-Production work requires close follow-up

of all milestones and approvals. These are activities

that begin after issuance of a Purchase Order. It

leads to a green light for production activities to

commence on the designated & scheduled dates.



Production is a process by which resources are

allocated according to a schedule, and we ensure

that this schedule is followed. In case of

disruptions, new plans are swiftly drawn up

ensuring that ultimate targets are met.

Quality Control

We go through a series of comprehensive

checklists, each appointed on event gates, where

a thorough examination of physical and process

attributes is conducted. We examine samples and

production at early stages. We communicate

possible problems with process, raw materials, or

product to clients and vendors, helping resolve

issues early in the timeline pre-amptively