Smart Reliable 

Supply Chain

Solutions at your

finger tip.

We create solutions enabling clients to

improve their processes by use of smart



Integrating technology solutions into our work is a key

element. It enables us to work more efficiently and

accurately. QUONDA is an enterprises level app based

solution that provides real-time auditing information

to all relevant stakeholders. Dashboards are used to

navigate to graphic reports and intelligent alerts.

QUONDA lays the foundation for reliable quality

control, and enables us to run important Assurance



Our vendors and their Certified Auditors can integrate

into our own system using the QUONDA extended app

based solution – QMIP. Using control charts to

monitor alarming deviations, our teams can prevent

problems while collaborating with vendor’s teams,

before they become significant.

Tuka 3D

TUKA is used to not only create patterns and markers

digitally, it also helps us simulate fit on customer

specific fit models. This helps developers visualize

their product, and they can digitally make corrections

and changes before making final prototypes or

samples. TUKA also helps us generate better and

improved markers and lay plans, helping vendors and

clients save on material costs.

Online Showroom

In the new digital communication age, our on-line

showroom helps developers and merchandisers scan

through a vast inventory of product libraries,

accurately documented with technical specifications.

In this way, product baskets help us deliver more

relevant product samples during the product

development life cycle. The digital showroom has the

look and feel of an e-tailing web portal.